Helen Pesce for Receiver of Taxes - Goal $1,000.00

Mail Your Donations to:

Friends of Helen Pesce

369 Columbus Ave

West Harrison, NY 10604

Until  now I have done most of the work in house, I have maintained my website  and social media, designed signs, created videos, petitioned and  received advice, with the help of some great friends, communicated with  BOE, and did all my own research on this process. Running as a  Independent I have no backing from any Party. I am looking to raise some  money for cards, promotional items, signs and advertising. If you would  like to sponsor me for the rest of this journey even if 1 dollar, I  would very much appreciate your participation to Help Elect, Helen Pesce  for Receiver of Taxes, Harrison, NY.

Donate 1 dollar or more to Friends of Helen Pesce, Thank you!

Strength is in numbers, be on my number line.

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