Some Ideas

Senior Citizen Tax Collection

I have some ideas to make it easier for Seniors and disabled citizens to pay their taxes. Mobile Tax payments might be in Harrisons future.

Term Limits

I firmly believe that there should be term limits. Research into this subject is needed and I will do so if I get the opportunity.

Tax information online

This goes without saying as many towns have this information available online. This will be implemented.

Personal Service

Building Relationships One Tax Bill at a Time. Each taxpayer is special, just like in any other business I have been involved with. Personal service is key in business and in public service.

Online Payments / Government Grants

I would Further mold the online payment system to ensure the cost to the taxpayer is minimal. 

The Receivers office would apply for grants for technology upgrades.

New York State Association of Tax Receivers and Collectors

I Would Join NYSATRC.  This membership is open to all New York State Town, Village or School  taxing authorities and any individuals holding a position in the office  of Receiver or Collector of Taxes (elected or appointed by the same  taxing authority).  Social memberships are available to all retired Tax  Receivers, Collectors and their deputies.  Business memberships shall be  available to individuals of business entities who perform business  associated with tax collecting.